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    We specialize in the development of smaller landscaping projects.

    You may need a walkway built in your property, or a small rockery garden. Or perhaps a small retaining wall, or a small backyard patio, or a brick or stone walk across your lawn.

    If the project is small in size, chances are that we can do it for you.

    Fundamentally, our company is set up to provide lawn and garden maintenance,
    on a regular on-going schedule. We provide services such as lawn mowing, lawn fertilization, leaf raking and flowerbed maintenance, to name a few.

    However, we have had a significant number of requests from our customers to provide related services. Therefore, with our 2 experienced and fully certified horticulture technician, and landscaping architect, we are qualified to also provide small to moderate project size landscaping services.

    We provide landscaping services, from project design, to the choice of available landscaping materials, to the building and successful completion of the project.

    We will be glad to pass by and discuss with you any landscaping projects you may have in mind.

    Landscaping ideas are as diverse as your imagination ..!  They range from work with pavers and walkways and patios, to retaining walls, to  rockery flowerbeds and flowerbeds with colored wood mulches and colored pebbles, to stone, wood or plant flowerbed borders...etc. The possibilities are endless..!

    These few pictures represent an array of projects, that you can have built in your home.

    This is only a small sample of ideas. However, we do have more extensive sources of photographs of actual landscapes, that you can look at, that will show you infinite suggestions, and will help you make educated decisions, to add the  particular look and feeling you wish to acquire in your home's surroundings.

    Please call us to request a free,no obligation consultation, with our lanscaping expert.





    Thank you for your interest in our services!

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