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    Lawn Over-seeding

    During the normal life cycle of grass, the grass plants are constantly renewing themselves.

    Diseases and other natural factors may prevent the renewing process to be completed in its entirety, resulting in the lawn getting gradually thinner. 

    Thinning makes the lawn look in poor general health, and it creates a greater chance for weeds to spread.  

    Over-seeding your lawn in the spring is an effective and inexpensive way to maintain your lawn looking healthy.

    Overseeding your lawn will add grass blade density and lessen the chance of propagation of noxious weeds.

    Our Spring Lawn Over-seeding service includes over-seeding and lightly topdressing of your lawn, using high quality seeds and soil that is rich in organic matter. 

    We will spread 2 light coats of the highest quality seeds over your lawn, in a crisscross fashion, to acquire an even coverage of your lawn area.

    Then we will cover the seeds, with a thin coat of top quality soil. The soil is then lightly watered to start the germination process. 

    If your lawn contains a significant amount of thatch, de-thatching before over-seeding is advisable, to create a good, lawn soil and seed contact.



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