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    Lawn Over-seeding

    Over-seeding a lawn is the most inexpensive way to rescue a diminishing lawn.

    Over-seeding is really to plant a new lawn over the existing one, without the added expense of removing the existing lawn and site preparation.

    Over-seeding a lawn will fill in where the existing grass is thin. It will also prevent further spread of weeds by filling in the bare spots with good grass.

    The results will be a fuller lusher lawn. And because Over-seeding will greatly increase the grass blade population in all the areas of your lawn, the reminding weeds, if there are any, will be a lot less obvious. The end result will be a lawn looking not very different to a lawn created from scratch.

    During a normal life cycle, the grass plants would renew themselves, to a great extent, by producing and disseminating seeds. However, the prevalent practice of mowing the lawn prevents the grass from reaching to the seed producing stage, therefore the grass does not renew itself easily.

    And diseases and other natural factors may further prevent the grass spreading process, resulting in the lawn getting gradually thinner. Thinning makes the lawn look in poor general health, and it creates a greater chance for weeds to spread.  

    Our Over-Seeding service includes over-seeding and lightly topdressing of your lawn, and one application of fertilizer. We use the highest quality of seeds, fertilizer and top dresser soil that is rich in organic matter.

    About haft of the cost of over-seeding goes to pay for the materials, seeds, soil and fertilizer used in doing the job .

    Care for the recently over- seeded lawn. 

    To allow the seeds to germinate to their fullest potential the customer must keep the newly over-seeded lawn constantly moist for at least 14 days.

    *Aerating the area at the time of over-seeding will make your watering more efficient, by allowing the water to soak the soil deeper into the ground.

    *If your lawn contains a significant amount of thatch, de-thatching before over-seeding is advisable.

    * Our rate to over-seed a lawn:

    Labor: 50% of rate.

    Materials: 50% of rate.

    (Includes top dresser soil and seeds)
    in sq. ft
    1 - 500 $240.00
    1000 $360.00
    1500 $525.00
    2000 $700.00
    2500 $875.00
    3000 $998.00
    3500 $1225.00
    4000 $1400.00
    4500 $1575.00
    5000 $1750.00

    *GST tax is additional to these rates.

    If you are interested in having work done by us please submit a service request..!  We will be happy to pass by and confirm the rate to do work for you..!

    Thank you for your interest in our services.

    Request a free service estimate or call us at (416) 577-8444

    Postal address: 33 Belgate Place, Toronto, Ontario, M9C 3Y5

    General Information: info@thelawnking.com