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    Lawn Repairs

    Repairing a Damaged Lawn:

    Lawn damage may occur for many reasons, lawn infestation, drought, disease, heavy wear, neglect, chemical burn, animals, widespread population of weeds, thinning, etc.

    The first step to repairing a lawn is to identify the causes of the lawn damage and make the appropriate changes, so that damage is not recurrent.

    It is understood that by discussing repairs of a lawn, the intention is not to have a new lawn installed but to repair the existing one. However, if the lawn is severely damaged you may need to consider getting rid of the existing lawn and installing a new lawn, by either seeding or sodding.

    Lawn Repairs Offered:

    1. Lawn Patching

    Repairing specific areas of the lawn

    Lawn patching is generally done when the lawn is in good condition except in some well defined areas. The lawn may have  patches of weeds, be diseased or burned in some areas or have areas with no grass at all, but the rest of the lawn may be O.K. In this case you only need to repair the obvious areas and leave the rest of the lawn as it is.

    Repairing specific damaged areas in your lawn involves removing the vegetation over the damaged areas of the lawn and replacing it with pieces of sod or by seeding the damaged areas.

    This service is charged by the size of the areas to be repaired, in sq. ft.


    In sq. ft
    1-100 $460.00
    100-120 $540.00
    120-140 $620.00
    140-160 $700.00
    160-180 $780.00
    180-200 $860.00
    200-220 $940.00
    220-240 $1020.00
    240-260 $1100.00
    260-280 $1180.00
    280-300 $1260.00
    300-320 $1340.00
    320-340 $1420.00
    340-360 $1500.00

    2. Lawn patching and lawn over seeding

    Repairing widespread damaged areas of the lawn.

    Think of this service as lawn patching of the most prominent damaged areas of the lawn and then a general over seeding over the complete lawn.

    If the damage extends to the significant majority of the lawn area
    it would be impractical or difficult to repair each damaged area by itself, in this case we first dig out and fix the most obvious weed patches and damaged areas.  And then we over seed the complete lawn to even out and dense up the grass population.

    The end result should be a completely renewed lawn.

    This service is charged by the size of the areas to be repaired, in sq. ft.with rates from the Lawn Patching chart above, and in addition to this, is the over seeding charge to over seed the complete lawn area, rates from the Lawn Over-Seeding chart below.

    3. Lawn Over-Seeding

    Over seeding the complete lawn.

    If your lawn has no obvious spots to repair but it just looks evenly thin and in general poor health, it is possible that your lawn may only need over-seeding over the complete lawn. 

    (Includes top dresser soil & seeds)
    In sq. ft
    500 $270.00
    1000 $420.00
    1500 $570.00
    2000 $720.00
    2500 $870.00
    3000 $1020.00
    3500 $1170.00
    4000 $1320.00
    4500 $1470.00
    5000 $1620.00

    If interested please request a free service estimate
    to repair your lawn.

    Thank you for your interest in our services.

    Request a free service estimate or call us at (416) 577-8444

    Postal address: 33 Belgate Place, Toronto, Ontario, M9C 3Y5

    General Information: info@thelawnking.com