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    Leaf Raking

    We provide both Fall Leaf Raking and Spring Leaf Raking.

    Our Fall Leaf Raking service is provided over two service visits, between Oct.15 and November 30.

    The first leaf pickup is done when about haft of the leaves are down.

    The second leaf pick up is done when most or all the leaves are down.

    Our Spring Leaf Raking service is provided as soon as weather permits in the spring, from the end of March on.

    In the Spring we rake all the leaves in one service visit.


    The leaves are raked, bagged and left by your property’s side wall, or at your curb, as you specify, ready for municipal pick up.

    Customer must provide the paper bags, you can leave the paper bags by your front  porch, where we can find them when we pass by to rake your leaves.

    * You can ask us to rake up to a specific amount of bags.

    * Or you can ask us to rake all your leaves and bill you by the total number of bags that we get in the two visits combined, according to our pricing schedule below.

    You can also choose to have your leaves raked and dragged to your front culvert, left piled up loose, for municipal pick up with a vacuum.

    We blow and rake your leaves into piles, load them onto a tarp, and drag them to your front culvert. Each tarp load volume is on average, equal to 3 bags.

    * You can ask us to rake up to a specific amount of tarp loads.

    * Or you can ask us to rake and drag all your leaves to your front culvert, and bill you by the total number of tarp loads that we do, in the two visits combined in the fall, or the one visit in the spring, according to our pricing schedule below.

    You can find by yourself, the cost to have your leaves raked.

    1. By experience you may know approximately the number of bags that you get when raking your lawn.

    2. Look for that number of bags in the table below under number of bags raked

    3. Find the rate to rake that number of bags.

    If you don't know how many bagfuls of leaves you may get, you can ask us to either rake all the leaves and bill you according to the rate chart below.

    Or you can ask us to rake up to a determined number of bags or up to a specific amount, according to the rate chart below.

    Measure by the bag load or tarp load
    Number of Bags Raked   or
    Number of tarp loads taken to the curb RATE
    1-16 min.
      5 $180.00
    17-19   6 $200.00
    20-22   7 $220.00
    23-25   8 $240.00
    26-28   9 $260.00
    29-31   10 $280.00
    32-34   11 $300.00
    35-37   12 $320.00
    38-40   13 $340.00
    41-43   14 $360.00
    44-46   15 $380.00
    47-49   16 $400.00
    50-52   17 $420.00
    53-55   18 $440.00
    56-58   19 $460.00
    59-61   20 $480.00
    62-64   21 $500.00
    65-67   22 $520.00
    68-70   23 $540.00
    71-73   24 $560.00
    74-76   25 $580.00
    77-79   26 $600.00

    Please use our Request Free Service Estimate link below, to send in your specific request for leaf raking. 

    Thank you for your interest in our services.

    Request a free service estimate or call us at (416) 577-8444

    Postal address: 33 Belgate Place, Toronto, Ontario, M9C 3Y5

    General Information: info@thelawnking.com