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    Maple Keys Raking

    Just as you need to rake your leaves in the fall, or in the spring, you also need to rake your maple keys, if you have a lot of them.

    Raking maple keys from the lawn is more difficult and time consuming than raking leaves.

    There is usually  a lot of them, and their particular shape makes them get tangled up in the grass blades. 

    Our Lawn Raking Machine is specially designed to rake lawns, but to preserve the integrity of the grass .

     Our machine will rake the maple keys and debris on your lawn surface, leaving your lawn looking clean and ready to start a glorious new season.

     We will pick up and bag  the resulting maple keys and debris, leave it by your home’s side, ready for municipal disposal, on yard waste pick up day.

    Customers must provide paper bags.

    A marginal amount of maple keys may be left behind after raking, which may be taken out in the spring, as the lawn is mowed.

    Call us to get a free service estimate to have your maple keys raked..! 

    Thank you for your interest in our services!

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