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    White Grub Control

    Control damaging White Grub and other insect infestations in your lawn soil.

    White Grub and other non-beneficial insect infestations in your lawn soil can create significant damage to your lawn, resulting in costly lawn repairs if not treated on time.

    Grubs will eat your grass roots and result in large areas of your lawn yellowing and drying up.  As well as having animals, such as raccoons, digging holes and pulling and tearing parts of your lawn out to reach those juicy grubs under the lawn.

    The approach we use is 100% organic.  It is one of the few true solutions available to controlling pest insects in the lawn soil that is a 100% organic approach.

    The product we use will not kill earth worms.

    Rate: $240.00 per application per 2500 sq. ft.


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