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    Seeding a New Lawn

    Seeding a new lawn as an alternative to laying down sod. 

    The main reason to lay down seeds instead of sod is to use a type of grass seeds that will fit a particular environment.

    We can use shade seeds if the lawn area is somewhat shady and deep shade seeds if the lawn area is fairly shady. In the same way, we can use sun and drought tolerant seeds, and we can use a mix of sun and shade seeds in a lawn that has sunny and shady areas.    

    Sod, being 100 % Kentucky Blue and a cool season grass, it is very cold hardy and will do well in sunny cool areas, such as in the Spring or Fall, but  too much heat or drought will make it go dormant and yellow, also it will not do very well in shaded areas.

    We can also use seeds as a customer's personal preference of having the grass firmly planted in the soil as opposed to having some sod pieces loose or drying out.

    A seeding job is marginally less costly than laying down sod, as laying down sod is more involved and it takes more time to do than laying down seeds. Materials and site preparation compare equally between a seeding job and a sodding job.

    And finally, caring for a newly seeded job is initially more involved than caring for a newly sodded job.

    The seeding job that we provide involves:

    1. Disposing of the existing lawn, by cutting it out and hauling it away.

    2. Raking the area to get rid of roots, stones and debris, etc.

    3. Roto-tilling and leveling the area to be seeded.

    4. Rolling the surface of the area to create a smooth, uniform area to lay down the seeds.

    5. Laying down the seeds evenly, in a crisscross fashion to acquire even coverage.

    6. Laying down top dresser soil over the seeds.

    7. Adding a fertilizer that is high in phosphorus to promote rapid root growth, and blade development.

    After the job has been completed the customer should care for the new lawn observing the following details.

    Watering the seeding job

    During the first week the newly seeded area must be kept constantly moist by watering lightly, several times a day.  However, be careful not to water so much in one time otherwise the seeds will float and run off the lawn area.

    After the first week, once the grass has germinated and started a root, the watering schedule has to be changed gradually to watering less often but more deeply, for longer periods of time.

    Mowing the newly seeded lawn

    It is recommended that you allow the soil to get firm and the grass to grow  for about 3 to 5 weeks before attempting to cut it. However, do not let the new grass grow so much that you will have trouble cutting it for being too long.

    When you cut the grass for the first time set your machine at the highest cutting setting. Then gradually adjust the height down one click with each subsequent weekly cut, until you arrive at the usual height of 2.5 ".

    Caring for your new lawn

    It is understandable that customers get anxious about having an established lawn soon.

    We use seeds of the highest quality and they will cover the lawn area very quickly. From here on, the grass will begin to develop and it is critical that it is cared for. The 3 most important things to do to keep a lawn healthy are regular watering, regular fertilization and occasional over-seeding.

    It takes two at least two seasons for the grass to be completely developed.

    *It is a good idea to have a watering system in place before starting the seeding job. If the seeds are not kept constantly moist for at least 3 weeks after planting they may not germinate to their full potential.


    Please note that any additional work needed to be done before seeding is charged extra, such as significant grading, leveling and addition of soil for filling, or amendments, clean up of overgrown vegetation, clean up of debris over the area to be seeded, etc.

    These are rates under normal working conditions. Confirmation of price should be done, considering all current job conditions, such as access to the job site, soil conditions, etc.

    If you are interested in having work done by us please submit a service request..!

    We will be happy to pass by and confirm the rate to do work for you.!

    * Out rates to seed a new lawn:

    Labor: $1.23 per sq. ft.

    Materials: Approx. $0.45 per sq. ft.

    Total cost labor and materials: $1.68 per sq. ft.

    Look at the list below to find the rate to have a lawn created for you.

    (Includes materials & removal and disposal of old lawn)
    in sq. ft.
    1 - 300 $600.00
    400 $672.00
    500 $840.00
    600 $1008.00
    700 $1176.00
    800 $1344.00
    900 $1512.00
    1000 $1680.00
    1100 $1848.00
    1200 $2016.00
    1300 $2184.00
    1400 $2352.00
    1500 $2520.00
    1600 $2688.00
    1700 $2856.00
    1800 $3024.00
    1900 $3192.00
    2000 $3360.00
    2100 $3528.00
    2200 $3696.00
    2300 $3864.00
    2400 $4032.00
    2500 $4200.00
    To find rates to seed areas larger than 2500 sq.ft. multiply the job size in sq. ft. by $1.68

    * GST tax is additional to these rates.

    Do you help figuring out the rate to have seeding done for you?

    Please submit a service estimate request. We will pass by and figure a rate to do Seeding for you.

    Thank you for your interest in our services.

    Request a free service estimate or call us at (416) 577-8444

    Postal address: 73 Savona Drive, Etobicoke, ON M8W 4V2

    General Information: info@thelawnking.com