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    Sodding a New Lawn

    Sodding is the fast way to create a new lawn.

    Sod can be installed almost any time and will be ready to be enjoyed in as little as 2 to 3 weeks.

    Sodding doesn’t take a great deal of care. Sod can be installed where seeding may be difficult to do, such as in slopes or high traffic areas. 

    We use only freshly harvested sod, of the highest quality, ordered and delivered directly from a local grower to the job site. The sod available in Ontario is 100 percent Kentucky Blue and accustomed to Ontario weather and environment.

    Before laying down sod, as well as planting seeds, we see that the soil is properly prepared for the grass to grow strong roots, to form a mature, healthy lawn.

    The Sodding job that we provide involves:

    1. Disposing of the existing lawn, by cutting it out and hauling it away.
    2. Roto-tilling,raking and smoothing out the area to be sodded, etc.
    3. Adding 2 cu. yd. of black loam soil over the surface to smooth out surface top and to optimize soil quality.
    4. Rolling the work area, to create a smooth uniform surface to lay down the sod.
    5. Laying down the sod evenly, then lightly rolling the sod surface again, this time to get the air in between out, so that the sod roots make good contact with the soil.
    6. Adding a fertilizer that is high in phosphorus to promote rapid root growth, anchoring and blade development, to get the newly planted grass roots to knit with the surface soil

    After the sodding job is done, the customer must water the sod.

    It is imperative that the sodded area be kept constantly moist, until the roots take hold to the soil underneath and begin to anchor, this will take watering the sod at least 3 times daily for about 3 weeks.

    It is a good idea to have a watering strategy in mind before starting the sodding job. If the sod is not kept constantly moist for at least 3 weeks after planting, the grass roots may not knit to the soil  below, resulting in the sod drying out.


    Please note that any additional work needed to be done before sodding is charged extra, such as significant grading, leveling and filling, clean up of overgrown vegetation, clean up of debris over the area to be sodded, etc.

    These are rates under normal working conditions. Confirmation of price should be done, considering all current job conditions, such as access to the job site, soil conditions, etc.

    If you are interested in having work done by us please submit a service request..!

    We will be happy to pass by and confirm the rate to do work for you..!

    (Includes materials & removal and disposal of old sod)
    in sq. ft
    1 - 300 $800.00
    400 $900.00
    500 $1000.00
    600 $1170.00
    700 $1365.00
    800 $1560.00
    900 $1755.00
    1000 $1950.00
    1100 $2145.00
    1200 $2340.00
    1300 $2535.00
    1400 $2730.00
    1500 $2925.00
    1600 $3120.00
    1700 $3315.00
    1800 $3510.00
    1900 $3705.00
    2000 $3900.00
    For jobs of size over 2000 sq. ft. the rate is  $1.85 per square foot.

    *GST tax is additional to these rates.


    Please let us know If interested, we will pass by and confirm the rate to lay down sod for you.

    Thank you for your interest in our services.

    Request a free service estimate or call us at (416) 577-8444

    Postal address: 33 Belgate Place, Toronto, Ontario, M9C 3Y5

    General Information: info@thelawnking.com