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    Tree & Stump Removal

     As the tree population in our city becomes of age, it is advisable that all homeowners that have trees in their property, have a plan in place, that will care and look over the needs and well being of their trees on an ongoing schedule.

    The services of 2 qualified arborists will look after the safety and health issues regarding trees, in a safe, and professional manner.

    Our Tree Service arborists on staff have the experience and the qualifications needed to provide the ongoing care and maintenance of your trees. 

    Tree pruning, disease control, fertilization, tree removal, tree planting, etc.

    We provide free, no obligation, service estimates, to do tree work, and permit submissions to the city, with respect to tree removal bylaws.

    We will be pleased to provide you with a free, courteous, no obligation service estimate!

    We offer the  following services:

    Arborist reports on tree conditions.
    The arborist report will give you an unbiased, specific report on the condition of your trees, from a safety standpoint,.as well as from relevant tree health issues.

    This information will help you make educated decisions with your trees and alert you of any issues that may need prompt attention. 

    In addition to writing the report, we can submit the report, together with a service permit application to city hall, for the purpose of removal of trees.

    Tree Removal
    The removal of trees  is done in accordance with local bylaws, using properly qualified service persons, with years of experience, insured to provide tree service.

    Small trees which their trunk measures less than 30 cm. in diameter at 1.4 m from the ground are exempt from the tree cutting regulations.

    You can call us to have a small tree removed. We will cut the tree and dispose of the tree and debris


    * Tree trunk diameter must be less than 30 cm. measured at 1.4 m. high from ground.


    Trees measuring less than 30 cm dia. at 1.4 m from ground

    Total tree size
    Height and Width

    3 ft. x 3 ft.  $120.00
     6 ft. x 3 ft.  $140.00
    6 ft. x 6 ft.  $180.00
    6 ft. x 9 ft. $210.00
    9 ft.  x 3 ft.  $240.00
    9 ft. x 6 ft.  $270.00
    9 ft. x 9 ft.  $300.00
    12 ft. x 3 ft.  $320.00
    12 ft. x 6 ft.  $340.00
    12 ft. x 12 ft.  $360.00
    16 ft. x 3 ft. $380.00
    16 ft. x 6 ft.  $400.00
    16 ft. x 9 ft.  $420.00
    16 ft. x 12 ft. $450.00
    16 ft. x 16 ft.  $480.00
    20 ft. x 3 ft.  $500.00
    20 ft. x 6 ft.  $520.00
    20 ft. x 9 ft.  $540.00
    20 ft. x 12 ft.  $560.00
    20 ft. x 16 ft. $580.00
    20 ft. x 20 ft.  $600.00
    24 ft. x 6 ft. $620.00
    24 ft. x 9 ft.  $640.00
    24 ft. x 12 ft.  $660.00
    24 ft. x 16 ft. $680.00
    24 ft. x 20 ft.  $700.00
    24 ft. x 24 ft.  $720.00
    30 ft. x 9 ft. $740.00
    30 ft. x 12 ft.  $760.00
    30 ft. x 16 ft.  $780.00
    30 ft. x 20 ft.  $800.00
    30 ft. x 24 ft. $820.00
    30 ft. x 30 ft.  $840.00

    Tree Cabling and Bracing
    For safety measures and to preserve the integral shape of  we use nylon belts and cables to strategically brace tree branches.

    Tree Crown Cleaning
    We will remove the tree branches that are poorly attached, dead and diseased. These branches are a hazard to the people nearby as they can unexpectedly break and fall


    Tree Crown Thinning
    Oftentimes a tree may be too bushy on the canopy and so it will benefit from getting a light pruning to increase air circulation, sunlight penetration and will endure less wind resistance


    Tree Crown Reduction
    This service will reduce excessive tree height and lateral spread.

    Tree Crown Elevating
    This service will remove the lower branches that are in the way, to provide unobstructed access to the proximity of the tree.


    Tree Stump Removal

    Making that pesky tree stump disappear is just one call away!
    The easiest way to get rid of a tree stump is by grinding it to below ground level.

    The stump is normally ground to about 6 inches below ground level.  We bag the resulting wood chips and leave it by your curb for municipal pick up as yard waste.

    Look at the pricing list below.  You can figure out an estimate based on the services you need performed.

    You can choose just stump grinding, but if the stump is longer than 4" it has to be cut low before grinding it. After grinding the stump you can choose to just leave it at that, or you can choose to have the resulting opening filled with soil and the soil surface covered with sod or seeds.

    * Please note that when grinding a 3 ft. stump, we also have to dig about 1 extra foot all around the stump so that we can fit the machine in to grind the outer rim of the stump. Therefore, the reminding opening after grinding the stump, that has to be filled with soil will be large, about 12.5  cu. ft. and it will take at least 3/4  cu. yd of compressed soil to fill it. Then the surface area to be covered with sod or seeds will be at least 25 cu. ft.

    To Grind larger stumps, the finishing work will be proportionately larger to accomplish.


    Stump ground to
    6" below ground level

    Only if needed


    Includes soil and filling hole
    Cover Hole With:


    Cut Stump trunk to 4"
    (only if stump trunk is longer than 4")

    Soil &

    Soil &
    1/2 ft. $120.00 $10.00 ---- ----
    1 ft. $180.00 $20.00 $60.00 $40.00
    1.5 ft. $240.00 $30.00 $80.00 $60.00
    2 ft $300.00 $40.00 $100.00 $80.00
    2.5 ft. $360.00 $50.00 $120.00 $100.00
    3.0 ft. $395.00 $60.00 $160.00 $130.00
    3.5 ft. $480.00 $80.00 $180.00 $150.00
    4 ft. $660.00 $100.00 $220.00 $190.00
    4.5 ft. $780.00 $140.00 $260.00 $230.00
    5.0 ft. $940.00 $240.00 $320.00 $290.00

      Once the stump is ground you will be able to plant grass and small plants right over where the stump was. However, If you need to build a wall footing, a driveway or plant a large tree right over the stump area, you will need to have the stump completely ground out or dug out.

    It may possible to grind the stump completely out or have it completely dug out.

    You can request a service estimate to have your stump completely ground out or dug out.

    Tree Planting

    We do residential shrub and tree planting. We can do the planting of new trees and take care of the removal and disposal of trees that you may wish to get rid of.

    Rate to plant a tree: pick up tree from nursery and labor to plant tree $400.00

    Tree cost not included.

    We ask that customers take the time to choose and purchase the tree or trees, as per their requirements. We will pick up the tree, bring it to the customer's home and plant it.

    Fruit Tree Pruning

    We do fruit tree pruning on a regular yearly schedule and also on call.

    We prune fruit trees for aesthetics and we also prune fruit trees for fruit production. Each of these two pruning techniques have specific objectives and the tree pruned will have a look specific to the pruning method used.

    Be sure you specify which type of pruning technique you need performed on your trees.


     Tree Size  Rate
    8 ft. x 8 ft. $120.00
     12 ft. x 12 ft. $180.00
    16 ft. x 16 ft. $240.00
    20 ft. x 20 ft. $300.00
    24 ft. x 24 ft. $360.00
    28 ft. x 28 ft. $420.00
    32 ft. x 32 ft. $480.00

    Please request a free service estimate to have your trees pruned.


    Thank you for your interest in our services.

    Request a free service estimate or call us at (416) 577-8444

    Postal address: 73 Savona Drive, Etobicoke, ON M8W 4V2

    General Information: info@thelawnking.com